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About PosiStrut™

The MiTek PosiStrut™ system is a light, economical method of providing large clear spans in rafter, purlin and floor joist applications. Frames and supports can be spaced further apart to facilitate open spaces below.

We recommend you read the PosiStrut™ manual which contains the necessary design selection, fabrication and construction information sufficient to detail most projects. MiTek New Zealand Limited provides a design service for applications outside this manual.

The heart of the PosiStrut™ truss is the PosiStrut™ web. This is a folded metal web with nail plate teeth at both ends. The metal web is pressed onto timber chords to form a parallel chord truss.

MiTek New Zealand Ltd provides a design service for applications outside this manual, please contact Special designs are available for:

  • Cantilever Trusses
  • Trusses supporting load bearing walls
  • Trusses with different chord sizes or orientation
  • Multi-span trusses
  • Trusses supporting unusual loads

PosiStrut™ is available only through accredited MiTek Fabricators throughout New Zealand.

Materials: 0.91mm ASTM A446 Grade A Z275 steel

Finish: Zinc Coated


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